Amazing Teton pics rick!
Grace H(non-registered)
Rick, your photos are absolutely beautiful. I am speechless. Consider me a fan!
Vicki Snyder(non-registered)
Wow, absolutely
amazing! I really, really want to go to Yellowstone now! How exciting to see all those animals in one place! Beautiful photos Rick!
Bev and Randy Beck - RC(non-registered)
Hi Rick and Susan, Love your pictures, especially the one from Peggy's Cove. But really, all the pictures are fabulous. Miss you all. We had a really great time. We need to get together again. Hope you are doing well.
Kelly and Mike Gantt(non-registered)
Great pictures Rick! Finally made time to look!
Rob Luzier(non-registered)
Rick, I am always impresssed by your work, truly one of the best photographers that i know. Keep up the amazing and great work..
Brandy Mazero(non-registered)
Amazing shots Rick.
Mike and Kelly Kise(non-registered)
Richard, once again you have outdone yourself. They are absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see them all. They are very very beautiful.
tim l(non-registered)
nice pics
Cindy LeRoy(non-registered)
The only way to capture these moments better one would have to be in that same location at the same time and see if for ourselves. Great work, Rick. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see more in the future.
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